Inspection, Refilling and Repairs

Fire Extinguisher Inspection

vérificationOur qualified technicians perform monthly, annual, and periodic on-site inspections of fire extinguishers, emergency and exit lights as well as smoke, carbon monoxide or propane and natural gas detectors. A record of your inventory and actions taken is available. As required by safety regulations, a certificate of compliance is issued after the inspection and any needed updates are performed.

Maintenance and Refills

Bande déroulIn accordance with NFPA regulations, we perform periodic maintenance of all types of fire extinguishers including ABC-BC – WATER – Gas CO ², Halotron, FM-200, etc. In addition, we also refill extinguishers and CO² or nitrogen cartridges for automatic fire extinguishing systems on off-road and mining vehicles.

Maintenance Schedule by Major Types of Fire Extinguishers

Type of fire extinguisher Visual Inspection Complete Maintenance
ABC –  BC – AC Annually 6 years
EAU Annually 5 years
CO² Annually 5 years
Gaz Halotron – FM-200 – FE36 – etc Annually 6 years
Type K (commercial kitchen) Annually 5 years
Type D Annually 6 years
Cartridge operation Annually 1 year

Repair of Fire Extinguishers

RéparationIn our repair shops our skilled technicians repair all brands of certified fire extinguishers (ULC). We have a complete inventory of parts for the repair of fire extinguishers.

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