Fire Extinguishers

Types of Fire Extinguishers

extincteursA wide range of different types of fire extinguishers are available. Each type of extinguisher and its contents are designed for efficient extinguishing of fires of various materials and liquids. Consult our table below which indicates the strengths of each type of agent or extinguishing gas contained in the fire extinguishers.

Classification According to Type of Fire


Chosing a Fire Extinguisher

Chemical powder Class ABC, BC
Water Class A
CO2 Class B-C
Halotron Class B-C
D Class D
Type K Class K

Off-road Fire Extinguishers

horsrouteWe offer Nitrogen or CO² fire extinguishers and cartridges for Ansul automatic systems for heavy mining and off-road vehicles. Contact us for more details.

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