Smoke and CO Detectors

10-year sealed battery, electric, combined (electric/battery), ionization or photoelectric, and some models for connection in series. For residences with heating appliances or interior attached garages, the CO detector is essential for protecting your loved ones. Several models are offered with or without digital readouts, testing lights, connection to outlet, battery or combined (battery-electric). Check with your fire department to determine if a requirement for a specific type of detector is applicable in your city. Clyvexco offers all types and certified models.

Natural Gas, Propane and CO2 Detectors


If you have equipment that runs on propane or natural gas, we have the detector for the safety of your and your family. A combination that also detects CO fumes is available.


Commercial and Industrial CO-NOX Gas and Hazardous Material Detectors

det-comCSST and insurance rules and regulations regarding workplace protection from CO and NOX (Diesel) emanations are a headache for many business executives. We offer the most efficient fixed system on the market for the detection of several types of gas and hazardous materials. Single- or multi-zone systems with two levels of detection. Optionally, they can be connected to the central ventilation system. Periodic re-calibration service is also offered.

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