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Clyvexco Inc. is constantly growing and we want to associate ourselves with:

  • dynamic and motivated individuals who wish to become full-time distributors,
  •  businesses seeking opportunities for continued growth,
  •  self-employed people seeking extra part-time income.

You don’t need to be an expert in fire safety; we offer complete training in all major aspects of the industry.  We have a technical team of experienced professionals in the field dedicated to supporting distributors and customers.

 Several opportunities are available :


You are serious, dynamic, independent, responsible, and have the drive to succeed?  Your dream is to be your own boss, free to manage your own time and your efforts to achieve success?  You want income that’s commensurate with the effort and work you put in? You don’t have the financial resources to invest and realize this dream?

Clyvexco Inc. has a unique opportunity for you, right in your area!

We offer :

  • A specific market in a high-potential commercial environment with little competition and the possibility of making an impressive income,
  • A comprehensive training program and assistance with your start-up plan (if required),
  • A team of experienced professionals consisting of firefighters and former firefighters to answer technical questions from customers and distributors,
  • Certified trainers to teach courses offered to customers,
  • Guaranteed royalties for your sales to customers,
  • Financial services for the management of accounts receivable and distributor inventory,
  • No annual royalty to the distributor.

Are you motivated by this exciting opportunity?  Act now and fill out this form.


You want to increase the growth of your current business and/or your business is experiencing a downturn? You’re looking for a new opportunity with potential for great profit in an area with little competition? You already have a sales team who’s experienced in developing sales and customer service?

Clyvexco Inc. is the ideal partner to help you achieve these goals.

Contact us now by filling out the form and be the first to enjoy all the benefits our partnership offers.


You are semi-retired and or retired from sales, firefighting or other and need extra income or simply are looking for a new challenge? Clyvexco Inc. is the perfect opportunity for your situation. Some benefits that we offer:

  • Self-employed with advantageous supplementary income that allows you to deduct work-related expenses on gross income before taxes. This advantage minimizes the impact on existing pension income.
  • Complete liberty to decide on the number of days and hours per week, month, or year,
  • Guaranteed royalties for your sales to customers,
  • A program of simple and progressive training,
  • Bookkeeping services to manage your income and expenses and produce the necessary documents for tax authorities.

This partnership motivates you?  We would love to have you on our sales and service team and will respect your availabilities and capabilities.  Please complete the form below.

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